Your Daily Writing Prompt for June 3, 2020

We’ll try to put up a writing prompt every day. Use it however you see fit; my personal method is to set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes and write in response to the prompt. The prompt might be or become the first line of a story, or a premise, or a line of dialogue, or a question. Feel free to change the verb tense, person (i.e., “I,” “You,” “he/she/it/they,” etc.), or pronouns to feel more natural too what you want to write. There’s also no need to quote / restate the prompt (unless you want to), take it literally, or even use it. Maybe it’ll make you think of something else. Share what you wrote in the comments, on your own blog, write a bestselling novel with it, or just keep it for yourself. It’s all up to you!

Given recent events, we want to make more of an effort to use our prompts to amplify under-represented voices, especially those of POC. We don’t usually talk about race here, partly because we who run this site are white and don’t feel like we are qualified to talk about others’ experiences, and partly because we want to make everything as inclusive as possible (e.g., we tend to avoid gendered pronouns in order to keep prompts as broad as possible). Our general philosophy is to make prompts that avoid the hyper-specific because in our experience, those gave writers more freedom. And by trying to make every prompt into something generic, maybe we inadvertently erased variations of experience, or did not do all we could, and for that, we’re really sorry. We want everyone to have a voice.

This summer, we’ve introduced daily themes. Wednesdays are for characters!

(Imagine a drumroll) Today’s writing prompt is…

Someone who witnesses injustice and is compelled to make a change.

Usually, we put a footer here with links to our books. But today we’re just linking to some reading we hope will enrich your writing:
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