Your Daily Writing Prompt for September 30, 2019

We’ll try to put up a writing prompt every day. Use it however you see fit; my personal method is to set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes and write in response to the prompt. The prompt might be or become the first line of a story, or a premise, or a line of dialogue, or a question. There’s no need to quote / restate it, take it literally, or even use it. Maybe it’ll make you think of something else. Share what you wrote in the comments, on your own blog, write a bestselling novel with it, or just keep it for yourself. It’s all up to you!

(Imagine a drumroll) Today’s writing prompt is…

Someone has found gold in your town, and prospectors are pouring in. You know that the only people who get rich in these things are the ones “selling the shovels,” so what nefarious things do you do to get rich without having to dig a hole?

(Remember, the “you” can also be a character you’re writing about: This could be a good opportunity to get inside their head)

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