Our Titles

“You can never have too many writing prompts,” Abraham Lincoln once said. “Also, fact-check all of the quotes you find on the Internet,” he continued. “Say, what about that play tonight?” We wouldn’t want to disappoint Lincoln, and we won’t disappoint you. That’s why we’ve compiled 250 all-new writing prompts in a fabulous book!

The point is, we don’t just provide you with daily writing inspiration. We also have entire books of writing prompts.

What we provide is matchbooks: With your creative spark, your passion for the written word can burn. In a safe way, that is.

“You give away a free prompt every day. Why should I buy a book of them?” We love giving you free daily prompts. But our books are a little different. We design the books to be giant smorgasbords of different prompts types, ranging from situations to characters to images and more. Our books include visual prompts, dialogue, and suggestions for how to use the prompts as an individual writer or in a group.

Featuring writing tips and a wide variety of all-new writing prompt types including images, this book will hold up for years of use and re-use.